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Today I chose to speak about BEING HAPPY. 

I understand there is so many articles and information regarding this topic. This is my thoughts about BEING HAPPY.

Every time when we are facing issues in life, we tend to look for something that make us feel comfortable, which is in many ways like hearing music, reading books, travelling, meditating and so on but there are few people who cant get over some tension even doing any of these, leading to depression. Depression is a serious issue to be concern in the current scenario. When we all are running hard everyday to fill our pockets, we forget the fact that we are loosing our valuables in the other side. The World Health Organization estimates that depression will be the second highest medical cause of disability by the year 2030, second only to HIV/AIDS.


 How can we help our self to free from all these bundle of stress and bring bundle of JOY to our life!?

  • Understanding and preparing yourself to fight the problem, reduces the pressure in you. 
  • Be calm. Worrying will give only negative energy in return. Act for the issue to get over.
  • Change your lifestyle. Bringing some changes in the routine of your life will help to bring a fresh feeling.
  • Have chocolates. Its is medically proven that eating chocolates will instantly change your mood.


Let us all be happy for no reason. Let us be all happy for living this LIFE.








Hello everybody…

Our earth is filled with beautiful wonders and mini mysteries of nature. Lord has blessed us with the exotic views to bring happiness and joy to our life. Imagine a world fully deserted and only cactus all around, we human cant even survive a single day. Nature helps us to put down all our worries and tensions. Am sharing some of the images I have come across in the internet.


Often referred as the “river of five colors”, “the river that ran away from paradise,” and “the most beautiful river in the world.” A unique biological wonder Caño Cristales is one of those places you have to see to believe. — at

In 1986, the mangrove forest at Dongzhaigang at Qiongshan on Hainan Island was listed as a nature reserve under state protection. In 1992, it became China’s first place on the world list of major wetlands.— at
The Cliffs of Moher is one of the most beautiful place on Planet Earth.It is located at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean,in Ireland.2000 square-mile expansion of the Atlantic will certainly fascinate you. If you are an adventurer certaintly this cliff will be an amazing experience for you.This place is also good for surfers.The waves here are famous as the “Giant of Moher”. The right time to visit this place is in October.— at

The Great Wall of China, which has a length of more than 9,500 kilometers, but length is the simplest thing that can describe this “greatness”.No one doubts that this place deserves to be one of the wonders of the world.Thousands of people participate in the maintenance stunning building from time-to-time.It is “one of the masterpieces” of human being that ever existed in Time!The most suitable time for visiting the Great Wall of China is, yet again, the month of October.— at
Located at the confluence of three countries Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, Iguazu Falls, which is part of UNESCO, attracts five million tourists annually. When the river water level is high, the show is great and scary at the same time, the whole ridge is covered by a flood. The waterfall has 2,7 km and is almost three times larger than Niagara in North America and significantly higher in terms of width than the Victoria Falls in Africa. Most of the falls is located in Argentina.— at
The world sees very different from the Matterhorn mountain nearly 4,500 feet, one of the symbolic landscapes of Switzerland.Matterhorn is located near Zermatt at the border between Italy and the Pennine Alps in Switzerland, is one of the most famous mountains in the world and more special. —

The great coral reef in Australia has some landscapes which will captivate you forever.Contrary to the name of The Great Coral Reef is not unitary but consists of a real network of reefs stretching over a distance of more than 2000 km parallel to the north coast of Australia Lady Elliot Island in Queensland’s near the shore of South to Papua New Guinea. — at
“Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.” 
― Robert Frost
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Hello everybodyJeanSasson_Princess..

Back in 2011, I discovered this awesome book ‘Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia’ by Jean P. Sasson from my friend, Jeny. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each pages of this book even though I don’t agree with some of the issues discussed by the author. The author writes the life of women in Saudi Arabia like a prisoner, less freedom to express yourself, no choice for decision making, kind of male dominated. Well, about this maybe there is some shades of male domination, but Saudi Arabia respects Women in all aspects, the author completely show cast a very tough life which I don’t agree.

Anyway, One of my favorite, worth reading.


Before entering into the topic discussion, let me make it crystal clear that this is purely my theory and perceptive towards life. I understand that different people have different views and opinions about life, with all the respect to the ideologies, Let me briefly begin…….

Well, If you have gone through my earlier post, you will know that my attitude towards life is pretty strong in terms of achieving something extraordinary or relatively not that extraordinary.Overall, I meant that when you sit back on your couch  20 years later, you should have something in your list to think over and cherish.


Humans always dreams about having better day than yesterday, nobody wishes to go down in scale 10 to 0, it’s all about scoring the higher graph, even a poor kid wishes for good food and better clothing than before. Similarly, a rich person having a palace wishes for mansion, only the materials are contradictory to the different standard of people in terms of income, the base is always the same, dreaming BIG.

Long live your DREAMS

Byebye for now


News Headlines

”Sales man shot dead by a customer”

”80 people including children brutally murdered by the American Military ”

”Girl raped by six men in Noida”

All these headlines are not much big deal nowadays because it’s as common as having cu noodles in Asian countries. Whats wrong with this world? Why is there so much rivalry towards unknown people without no reason? Human mentality to wards humanitarianism is totally changed into some giant cruelty monsters. People show so much anger to others whom they have never met before barely

I recall an incident that recently happened, when I was shopping in a departmental store, I purchased some gifts for my friend and I asked the sales lady over there to wrap the gifts fast as I am in a hurry, she was so arrogant to me as if I asked her to wrap the whole shop. Her face was like a pressure cooker ready to blow.

In my view-point, Humans are

imagesso self-centered that they just want to either win all the circumstances or want to satisfy there own needs.As a result, people are ready to go any extreme even if it demands killing your own blood. Who can be blamed for this? Who will take the responsibility of this shattered minds? I have the answer!

It’s the Power! Greediness of possessing eternal power has led to this worst situation.




For the past 4 years, I have been traveling alone quite often than before and have explored the power of mind that occupied me with powerful thoughts and memories. I remember on my way back to college, after vacations, I sink into the deepest ocean of thoughts of my past, present and future which took me to the different level of feelings, it may be happiness, sorrow, humor depended upon the experiences I had. From this I got to know that human mind is way more powerful when they are vacuumed alone rather than sharing the company of other minds. I believe the memories that float back in, may be the one that has touched the deepest inside of us which we never realized until we get sign of it from any point of our life. Human mind is an unpredictable bird that fly over the infinity and beyond the sky limit. Our present mind is just a clay mask  that acts over the circumstances but the real actor is our unconscious mind that ends up all the stories.

Long live HUMAN MIND!


About me

Hello everybody…My name is NAZIHA Mohammed , 23 old girl who dreams about being the greatest entrepreneur in the world, I know its little too much, but what’s wrong in just dreaming after all everything can be possible if you are optimistic, dedicated and determined. By now you could know that am a very ambitious girl, love traveling, driving sporty cars, reading autobiographies, drawing beauty of nature, helping the needy, love dressing up in my style, collecting random items, writing anything that pops out of my mind, hearing music, swimming,riding bicycle, knowing the world….Well, it goes on and on…

Done my bachelors in International business, diploma in multimedia and a certificate course in Psychology. Currently working in a private sector.

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